Used precast concrete plants and equipment

    If we look back at the history of using precast concrete elements in construction, Europe is a success story. We have seen an enormous speed of development in the last 40 years. Especially the emergence of new floor and wall systems together with new production technologies lead to a very high automation and quality level. […]

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Used machine NEWS

30 years old FILZMOSER machines are Young Timers

The quality of FILZMOSER truss girder machines is legend. This is the reason that used machines from this manufacturer still ...

Used lattice girder, truss girder machines

With the focus on maintenance of truss girder production lines GMS started its businessat 2008. Since that, GMS could expand ...

Tunneling with lattice girders means advanced tunnel lining

Lattice girders in conjunction with shotcrete achieve an excellent level of support in tunneling. They consist of steel bars welded together in triangular pattern and they are made to suit the shape of the tunnel. This combined system acts as an armor that provides balanced support and reduced consumption of shotcrete. The GMS lattice girder […]

Titan Magnet Clamp

The Titan ™ Precast Magnet is arguably the strongest magnet for its size and is Significantly smaller than other Commercially available magnets: Smaller and lighter: Weighs just 3.8 kgs (8.4 lb) Stronger: Up to 1,200 kgs (2,646 lb) of pull-down force ! Rubberbase Skirt: Fully sealed the underside of the housing to protect against dirt, […]

CLICK VIDEO – watch the production of a lattice girder

VIDEO GMS sells lattice girder machines from brands like EVG, FILZMOSER, EUROLLS, AWM, PROMELCO and VIDA. Find your machine in your language! Gitterträger- Schweissmaschine lattice girder machine truss girder machine lattice girder welding machine truss frames welding line lattice girder welding line Líneas de producción de armadura tipo celosía Machinas soldadoras de viguetas ligeras Soldadora […]