Screw Fixing Bracket

Titan Screw Fix Bracket



The Titan Screw Fix Bracket accepts all the same adaptor plates that affix to the Titan Magnet Clamp using the same quick install and release method of slotted holes.

Therefore all sideforms and shuttering supported by the Titan Magnet Clamp can be supported by the Titan Screw Fix Bracket using the SAME adaptor plates as the Titan magnets. Because the components (i.e. the adaptor plates) are interchangeable between the Screw Fix Bracket and Magnet Clamps, this minimises the amount of stock you need to buy and transport.

When the adaptor plate is affixed to the Titan Screw Fix Bracket, it is located in the Ball Lock Rail Strip of the Spartan sideform or lumber edgeform. The Titan Screw Fix Bracket is affixed to the casting table or bed with theappropriate screws or bolts.

Download SRB – Titan Screw Fix Bracket.pdf (1.3MB)