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GMS Systems have designed and manufactured a number of brilliant trolleys and tools to make your job a lot more simple and efficient. Check them out in this section.

Precast Workstation Trolley

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Now ease and simplicity can follow you where ever you go with this cleverly designed portable trolley.

The GMS Precast Workstation Trolley is designed to store and transport sideforms, magnets and all other tools and auxiliaries required for the manufacture of precast concrete panels.

The trolleys can be loaded in the preparation area with all the equipment required for a specific panel. The trolley is then pushed to the production area for easy access to all the tools and equipment needed.

The sideforms fit on side rails that have vertical clips which rotate to allow easy loading and unloading of sideforms. For safety reasons the clips are locked in the vertical position to prevent the sideforms accidentally falling whilst in motion.

The Titan Magnet Clamps hang on the vertical hang rails by their handles – exposing the bases of the magnet clamps for easy cleaning and inspection. This inspection can be performed prior to use as part of a Quality Assurance Plan to ensure the magnets are clean and free from any foreign matter or debris that might affect their performance.

All the auxiliaries, including lifting inserts, ferrules, cast in plates as well as tools, are stored in the mesh base compartments at the base of the trolley.

The trolley has heavy duty castors and handles for easy movement. The trolley also doubles up as a great equipment storage rack.

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Sideform Stillage Trolley

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 Store and transport sideforms around the yard with ease with this ingenious trolley.
The Sideform Stillage Trolley is designed to store and transport sideforms within the precast yard.

The Stillage has unique plastic “H” plates that slide up and down in between the vertical supports. These plastic plates have profiles cut into them for the specific sideforms, so that the sideforms neatly fit in between these profiles. This allows the sideforms to be stored vertically on top of one another without damage to the sideforms and also prevents the sideforms falling over. The plastic plates sit between each layer.

The Sideform Stillage Trolleys have heavy duty castors with brake levels to allow them to be moved freely and easily in the yard (between casting tables etc). The Stillages are designed in such a way that enables them to be stacked on top of one another for optimum floor space. They have hook eyes at the sides for handling and transportation via gantry cranes or jib hooks and also have forklift tong sleeves at the base to accommodate handling by forklift.

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Sideform Vertical Square


This handy tool makes checking sideform alignment and marking set out lines breeze.

The Sideform Vertical Square is used to check sideforms for vertical plumb/square alignment and mark vertical set out lines on the faces of sideforms.

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