Fully automated GMS production cell for tunnel lattice girders

Nov 27th, 2013 | By | Category: General
GMS production cell tunnel lattice girders

GMS production cell tunnel lattice girders

As the labor costs for the production of tunnel girders dominates the cost structure, the newly designed production cell from GMS enables manufacturers of tunnel girders to cut costs immediately by 50%.

Tunnel girders show a lot of different shapes and dimension. The new production system is capable to cover all these characteristics.

The new production cell TLG will be delivered in three different output versions:

TLG 400 offers an output of 400 meters ready made lattice girder per shift.

TLG 800 offers an output of 800 meters ready made lattice girder per shift.

Lattice Girders for tunnels are lightweight, three-dimensional steel frames, typically fabricated of three primary bars connected by stiffening elements. Lattice girders in conjunction with shotcrete achieve an excellent level of support in tunneling. They consist of steel bars welded together in triangular or rectangular pattern and they are made to suit the shape of the tunnel. This combined system acts as an armor that provides balanced support and reduced consumption of shotcrete.

GMS is an Austrian company in Wels, which is focused on trading and manufacturing of lattice girder production lines.

Contact: office(at)gms-global.at

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