Tunneling with lattice girders means advanced tunnel lining

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GMS Tunnel lattice girders for tunnel lining

Tunneling with GMS Tunnel lattice girders

Lattice girders in conjunction with shotcrete achieve an excellent level of support in tunneling. They consist of steel bars welded together in triangular pattern and they are made to suit the shape of the tunnel. This combined system acts as an armor that provides balanced support and reduced consumption of shotcrete.

The GMS lattice girder system is totally surrounded by concrete. There are no unconsolidated areas, voids or fissures visible. It represents a complete homogenous composite structure, reduces ground settlement and prevents the ingress of water.


-Used in conjunction with shotcrete, lattice girders allow rapid tunnel advancement.

-Lattice girders provide immediate and safe roof support over the excavated area

-Dimensions and characteristics of lattice girders are made according to customer specifications.

-Reduces weight by lowering quantity of steel, while providing greater compressive strength

-Lattice girders can be stacked for shipping in containers

-Low weight facilitates installation process

-Reduces and eliminates empty areas upon shotcrete application

The GMS lattice girder system has been tested and successfully installed in many tunnel projects in Southern and Eastern Europe. It is made from reinforcement steel of B500B quality, with three or four bearing longitudinal bars which are connected by diagonals with appropriate welding. One tunnel arch is comprised of usually five segments and is connected by screws and pipes. GMS produces all kinds of lattice girder tunnel lining in accordance with given specifications and customer designs.

Last but not least, the biggest advantage of GMS lattice girders for tunnels is a very reasonable price, because the production facilities are located in one of the low wage Eastern Countries.

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