The GMS Systemformwork was developed focusing the Precaster with the aim to shorten production time. And eventually the production time can be decreased to 50% compared with wooden formwork.



The GMS Aluminum Sideform is very rigid but on the other hand it is very easy to carry without using cranes.

Sideforms are available up to a hight of 325mm and can be adjusted in steps of 5mm. Each sideform basic height can be adjusted with 6 different cappings e.g. a basic height of 250mm can be used for 250, 255, 260, 265, 270 and 275mm.

Another outstanding feature is the rubber seal. This guarantees a leeking free production process. Further the corners compounded by the sideforms are leaking free as well, thanks rubber like endpieces at the end of each sideform.

Eventually a strong and ergonomic magnet provides a secure fastening to the casting table.


A leakproof mould is a must when using SCC!

The innovative GMS formwork is leakproof and increases your productivity.

The leakproof  feature is the result of the ingenious rubber seal at the sideform foot.


Each end of the sideform is closed bei a silicon like plastic stubble. So no concrete slurry can enter into the sideform and as a further result the corners are tight.


One magnet for wood, steel or plastic.

One  magnet for all. No matter you use wooden or steel formwork systems, you can use this magnet for all of them. Just fix an adapter to the wooden or steel sideform and you can go with all systems which are on the market.

With this universal adaptability you will cope with all formwork challenges in future. Ask for the fitting solution for your application.

The GMS magnet

Benefit from the new GMS magnet . Fast and easy to use. Very high adhesion force through a combination of vertical magnetic force and high slipping resistance through rubber strips at the bottom. Smaller, faster and more economic.

Lightweight. Adhesion force = Vertical force + Slipping resistance
Rubber strips ensure higher safety.

Easy Cleaning. A brush does it all. Additional safety through a flap.


Preparing GMS Sideforms

A prerequisite for the best result is a clean casting table. Prepare sideforms in the right length and position it on to the table.

The coating on the sideform enables a process without release agent. If you still use release agents than use a biological release agent.

If necessary the sideforms will be cut into the right length by using a chop saw.

Adjust different shuttering heights

With the right capping each height in steps of 5mm can be adjusted.

The capping will be clipped on to the sideform. A 175mm sideform with a 5mm capping results in a 180mm shuttering height. A 20mm capping results in 195mm shutterin height.

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